Python Documentation Issue

Python is a great language. 

On 11/10/15 we found an error on this Python documentation site.  Here is what we saw for the endswith function documentation:

The Syntax for the “endswith” function, on the face of the documentation, involves “startswith”.  We updated the site by clicking the “Edit on GitHub” link.  We corrected it on 11/10/15.  Hopefully someone will approve this change and the canonical syntax in the documentation will be corrected.

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OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz

1.  Generic API Question
What are the HTTP operations associated with the acronym CRUD?

2.  OpenStack API Question
Assuming a verbose amount of logging has been preconfigured, does the API log for glance ordinarily capture glance activity from the CLI (commands that bypass horizon)?  As a hint, the default location of this log is this:  /var/log/glance/api.log

3.  OpenStack API Question
The “Create Image” feature in Horizon is an API call with an underlying “Post” call. 

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Definition of a Java Thread

Java source code is compiled into bytecode.  Bytecode, when run, is executed by the processor.  Sequences of bytecode go through processors, and on occasion these sequences must be analyzed for developing new Java software.  Java Enterprise Edition (the programming language of choice for many businesses) is owned by Oracle.  However, Oracle is not always the best creator or custodian of documentation for Java.  Here is an example (as of November 2015) taken from Oracle’s website: “A thread is a thread of execution in a program.”  This circular definition does little to help elucidate what a thread is. 

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