System 5 Error in Windows Server 2012

Problem Scenario:  In Windows Server 2012 from a command prompt, you run a .bat file that launches a PowerShell script.  You get an error that says “System Error 5” and “Access is Denied.”

Solution:  Open a new command prompt as an Administrator.  Click the Windows button, search for “cmd.”  Right click the cmd prompt chose “Open as Administrator.”  Try running the .bat file again.

If that does not work,

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How to Resolve a Puppet Error About Unclosed Quotes

Problem scenario
When running “puppet agent -t” on a Windows server with Puppet Agent installed and configured, you get an error like this:  “Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Unclosed quote after “”” followed by …”

For the relevant manifest, verify there are no unclosed quotes.  Then verify that you are using double backslashes in any path with a backslash “\”. 

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How to Use Conditional Logic With A Puppet Manifest For Executing a Command

Scenario:  You want an exec command in a manifest to be invoked only if a certain file is on the Windows Server.  You do not want the execution of a command to happen if a file does not exist in a certain location.
Solution:  Incorporate the following lines into your manifest (.pp file).
exec { ‘cont_int”:
    command => “echo continual > contint.txt”,
    provider =>

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How Do You Find Out if The Server Has Puppet Master or Puppet Agent?

Problem scenario
Assuming that you know Puppet is installed, you want to find out if you are on a Linux server that has Puppet Master or Puppet Agent.  This posting applies strictly to Linux or Unix.

Run this command:
cat /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
Then use “ip addr show” (or ifconfig) to verify the IP address of the server that you are on. 

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Troubleshooting PowerShell Functions

Part 1
Problem scenario:
  You have a PowerShell function that should add two parameter numbers and display their sum.  It is displaying the input when it should not.  No sum is being displayed.  There are no error messages. What should you do?
Solution:  Your code may look like this:

function contint ($a, $b) {
    $c = $a + $b
    return $c}

$d = contint (5,

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How To Troubleshoot the mkfs.ext4 Utility

Scenario / Goal: You are trying to add a hard drive (or new storage) to a Linux server.  You want the drive usable.  You attach the drive and use fdisk.  Now you want to use mkfs to create a file system on it.

Problem: You are trying to use mkfs.ext4 but you get this error:  “mkfs.ext4 no such file or directory while trying to determine filesystem size.” 

Root cause: Wrong /dev/xxx argument. 

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