How Do You Delete a Network Interface in AWS When You Get an Error about Not Having Permission?

Problem Scenario
In AWS you try to delete a Security Group.  You cannot do it because you get an error that "These security groups are associated with one or more network interfaces.  Delete the network interfaces, or associate them with different security groups."  You click the link "View your network interfaces."  But you are unable to delete the network interfaces.  You try to "Detach" them (with the "Force detachment" option), but you get "Error deleting network interface. You do not have permission to access the specified resource."

What do you do to delete a Network Interface in AWS when you get this error?

Look at the "Description" column of "Network Interfaces" (which is under "Network and Security").  Find the relevant item, device or object (e.g., if you see ELB go to Load Balancing -> Load Balancers).  Delete this object if you are procedurally able to do so.  Then go back and delete the Network Interface.  Now you can delete the Security Group.

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