How Do You Find the PID when You only Know It by the Task Name in the Task Manager?

Problem scenario
You have an application (in Windows) running, and you want to terminate it with PowerShell.  You want to find running program's PID.  But you only know its name in Task Manager.  

How do you obtain the Process ID (identification number) of a program (or application) in Windows when you only know the Task Manager name of the program (or application)?

1.  Open Task Manager (e.g., Ctrl-Shift-Escape)
2.  Right click the name of the Task as you see it in the "Applications" tab.  Click "Go to Process."
3.  You will now be highlighting the process.  Go to View -> Select Columns and check the "PID (Process Identifier)" option.
4.  Now you should see the "PID."
5.  If you want to terminate this application, open PowerShell as Administrator.  
6.  Issue this command from the PowerShell command prompt: kill xxxx 
(where xxxx is the PID)

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