How To Install Docker on an AWS Instance of SUSE Linux?

Updated on 12/26/18

These directions show how to install Docker on SUSE Linux. These commands are for installing Docker 1.x on an AWS instance of SUSE 15.  These directions require that your AWS SUSE Linux server is in a security group that has access to the internet.  (If you want to see more directions for install Docker on different distributions of Linux in different public clouds, see this posting.)

Step #1  Log into Linux SUSE.
Step #2  Run these commands (but replace "jdoe" with the user that will run the Docker commands):

     sudo zypper -n in docker
sudo usermod -aG docker jdoe  
     sudo systemctl start docker

Step #3  If you are logged in as jdoe (or whichever user you used in step #2), log out.  Otherwise log into a different terminal as jdoe.
Step #4  Enter the docker container with a command like this: docker run -it ubuntu bash

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