How to Troubleshoot a Desired State Configuration Issue When Installing SQL Server

Goal:  You are trying to install SQL Server with DSC.  You run a .ps1 on a main DSC server.  You transfer the resulting .mof file to a Windows Server with DSC and the relevant modules for installing DSC.  The target server has the SQL Server installation media too.

Problem/Scenario: You get an error message immediately after running this command:
start-dscconfiguration SqlServerInstall -Wait -Install

"PowerShell provider MSFT_xSqlServerInstall failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: SQL Server installation did not succeed. Form more details ...

The SendConfigurationApply function did not succeed..."

Solution: If you get the message immediately after running it, it could be that the .ps1 file that generated the .mof file pointed to the wrong location of the SQL Server installation media.  Verify the target server's directory path of where the media is.  Confirm it with the source path of the .ps1 file on the main DSC server.

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