How Do You Deploy a Stack (a Collection of Infrastructure Resources) with AWS CloudFormation Using the Console?

Problem scenario
You want to use CloudFormation in AWS.  You want to create a server or multiple servers with CloudFormation. How do you use CloudFormation with no CLI to create a stack (a collection of infrastructure or application resources) in AWS?

Here is a simple example to answer the question.

1.  Go to
2.  Click “Create new stack” button

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How Do You Set up (Install and Configure) AWS CloudWatch?

Update 11/22/17

Problem scenario
You want to use CloudWatch.  What steps do you need to take initially to have it work on a Linux server?

Prerequisite #1  The server must be an EC-2 instance (not a non-AWS server) with AWS CLI installed (but not necessarily configured).  For directions on installing AWS CLI, see this link.

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How Do You Start an .Ova for a 64 Bit Guest Server When You Get an Error about Not Having a 64 Bit Processor?

Problem scenario:   You imported an .ova file.  But when you start the new VM (from the imported .ova file) you get this error: 

“VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Your 64-bit guest will fail to detect a 64-bit CPU and will not be able to boot.”

What do you do?

Root cause:  VT-x has not been enabled.

Enable VT-x. 

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When Using Lynx, How Can You See the Underlying URL?

Problem Scenario:  You use Lynx to browse the web.  You want to see the complete URL when using Lynx (e.g.,for posterity) of a given web page.  What do you do? 

1.  Use Lynx and browse to a given web page.  Browse as normal and stop when you are on the page for which you want to find the URL.

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How Do You Troubleshoot Not Seeing 64 Bit Options in The “Version” Drop down Menu in Oracle VirtualBox?

Problem scenario:  Using Oracle VirtualBox on a 64 bit version of Windows, you go to create a new virtual machine as a guest server.  You want it to run a 64 bit version of Linux. You start to build the new machine using Oracle VirtualBox. You choose the “Version” and only see 32 bit options.  You have a processor (hardware) that is 64 bit.  The Windows OS is 64 bit. 

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How Can Web Browsing Be Sped up (or Quickened) When Using Windows 7?

Problem scenario: The Internet seems sluggish and unreliable when using Firefox on Windows 7.  You Internet speed is medium slow, and your laptop has decent hardware specifications by 2017 standards.  What can you do?

Solution:  Use Chrome.  You can download it here.

Our research and investigation has confirmed that Chrome will be faster.  There are other reasons besides speed for choosing different web browsers. 

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How Do You Find a Linux Log That Was Modified in the past 10 Minutes?

Problem scenario:  In Linux, you want to view log activity captured recently.  Looking through all the logs in /var/log can take a great deal of time.  How do you correlate a recent event by finding log files that were modified in the past 10 minutes?

Run this command:
find /var/log -mmin -10

This command will find files in /var/log and its subdirectories. 

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How Do You Find the User ID In Linux/Unix When You Only Have the Username?

Problem scenario: You know the Linux username that you want to use. But you do not know its corresponding UID or GID. How do you find the UID when you only know the username?

Use the id command. For example:

id jdoe

The results will give you the UID and GID.

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How Do You Use C++ to Retrieve Data from a PostgreSQL Database on Linux CentOS?

Problem scenario
You have C++ and Postgres installed on a Linux CentOS server.  How do you write C++ programs to retrieve data from Posgres databases?

Install the official C++ API for Postgresql.  These directions should work on any RedHat distribution of Linux (e.g., CentOS or Fedora).

Run the following from the Linux command prompt:

How Do You Use an .Ova File with Oracle VirtualBox?

Problem Scenario:  You downloaded an .ova file.  You want to create a virtual server (a clone) with this pre-configured OS.  How do you use Oracle VirtualBox to use this .ova file?

1.  Open Oracle VirtualBox
2.  Go to File -Import Appliance (or press Ctrl-i)
3.  Select the OVA file
4.  Click “Next”
5.  Now you are ready to start the VM.

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