How Do You Change the Time Zone in a Horde Email Account?

Problem scenario
Using a web-based email that is powered by Horde Mail (e.g., version 5), how do you change the time zone?


  1. Log in
  2. Click the gear symbol, go Preferences -> Global Preferences -> Locale and Time
  3. Change the time zone to your desired preference.

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How Do You Find the Underlying Component in AWS for a Given URL Endpoint?

Problem scenario
You have been given a URL endpoint that is supported by some AWS service or services. How do you find out what the underlying service is?


  1. Determine the IP address. Ping the hostname. If you have a URL like this,, extract the domain name; you can deduce it is acme in the example. Open a command terminal and ping acme.

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How Do You Troubleshoot the Ansible Error “This task includes an option with an undefined variable”?

Problem scenario
You have a playbook, and your variables are defined. But you get an error “FAILED ={‘msg”: ‘The task includes an option with an undefined variable. The error was ‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘Name’…”

What do you do to solve this?

The variable’s source could be blank. With “ec2_instance_info” the module will connect to AWS.

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How Do You Know What Version of StackStorm You Are Using?

Problem scenario
You have installed StackStorm, but you do not know what version you have. How do you find out?

Run this command: st2 –version

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How Do You Install wxWidgets on Linux?

Problem scenario
You want to install wxWidgets on Linux. What should you do?

Run the following:

sudo zypper -n install bzip2 gcc-c++
sudo yum -y install bzip2
sudo apt -y install bzip2

cd /tmp/
curl -Ls$widgetversion/wxWidgets-$widgetversion.tar.bz2 /tmp/wxWidgets-$widgetversion.tar.bz2
cp /tmp/wxWidgets-$widgetversion.tar.bz2 /bin/
cd /bin/
bzip2 -d wxWidgets-$widgetversion.tar.bz2
tar -xf wxWidgets-$widgetversion.tar
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How Do You Access a Linux Server’s GUI Desktop?

Problem scenario
Normally you use Putty to a Debian distribution of a Linux server. You are having trouble using some of the Linux server’s utilities. You try to run the “jsql” command, but you see this:

Apr 29, 2019 1:46:15 PM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences$1 run
INFO: Created user preferences directory.
13:46:17,296 ERROR root:67 – HeadlessException, command line execution in jSQL not supported yet:
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How Do You Find the AWS Namespaces?

Problem scenario
For a boto3 program, you want to find the AWS namespaces. What do you do to list the namespaces that are part of your AWS accounts?


You must have the AWS CLI installed. If you need assistance with this, see this posting.

This also assumes that the Linux user has the policy for servicediscovery:ListNamespaces.

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How Do You Install Flask on a CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Server?

Problem scenario
You have a Red Hat derivative of Linux. You want to install Flask. What should you do?


Install pip. If you need assistance, see this posting.

Run this command: sudo pip3 install flask

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How Do You Resolve the “env: ‘python’: No such file or directory” Error without Installing Python 2?

Problem scenario
The security team for your enterprise will not permit Python 2 to be installed. (You do not want to install a new minimal Python package either.) How do you fix the problem of env: ‘python’: No such file or directory when you run a make command?

The command “python” (not python3), will work after you run this script.

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How Do You Install Erlang on a Debian/Ubuntu Server?

Problem scenario
You want to install Erlang on a Debian or Ubuntu Server (e.g., Linux Mint or Kali Linux). What should you do?

Run this script with sudo (e.g., sudo bash /tmp/

# Written by

echo “This script can take 20 minutes to run”
apt -y update
apt -y install autoconf
apt -y install libncurses5-dev
apt -y install libncursesw5-dev
apt -y install gcc
apt -y install python3
apt -y install make
cd /bin/
git clone
cd otp
./otp_build autoconf
echo “This next portion may take 15 minutes”
date /tmp/datetime.txt
make install
ln -s /usr/local/lib/erlang/bin/erl /usr/bin/erl
ln -s /usr/local/bin/erlc /usr/bin/erlc
ln -s /etc/alternatives/python3 /usr/bin/python
echo “Script run completed.”
echo ” ”
echo “Many errors above (if there are any) may be ignorable”
echo “try the ‘erl’ command with no quotes to see if Erlang was installed”
echo ‘If you get to a carrot prompt,  » Read more..