Continual Integration Recommendations

Does your business need DevOps Engineers, Build Engineers, Release Engineers, Linux Administrators, SDETs, AWS Consultants, or Cloud Architects for temporary staff augmentation?  Email sales [AT] americandevops [DOT] com for contractors or candidates for permanent placement positions.  The price quote is free and please reference in your initial request.

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OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz

1.  Generic API Question
What are the HTTP operations associated with the acronym CRUD?

2.  OpenStack API Question
Assuming a verbose amount of logging has been preconfigured, does the API log for glance ordinarily capture glance activity from the CLI (commands that bypass horizon)?  As a hint, the default location of this log is this:  /var/log/glance/api.log

3.  OpenStack API Question
The “Create Image” feature in Horizon is an API call with an underlying “Post” call. 

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