How To Install Docker on an AWS Instance of RedHat Linux

Update on 9/10/19: These directions work to install Docker version 17.05.0-ce on RHEL 8.x.

These “directions” to install Docker on RedHat Enterprise Linux include a script and how to run it.  The script was designed to install Docker 1.12 on an AWS instance of RHEL 7.x.  This script requires that your AWS RHEL server is in a security group that has access to the Internet.  The script takes approximately 10 minutes to run. 

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How To Install Docker on an AWS Instance of Ubuntu

Updated 12/26/18
Problem scenario

You want to install Docker.  You can make changes to the Ubuntu Linux repositories so you can use apt-get to install it.  How do you install Docker on an AWS EC-2 instance?

There is an alternative set of directions if you click on this link here (if you would prefer not to configure the apt-get repositories).  These directions below to install Docker on Ubuntu Linux include a script and how to run it (but the script below will make a change to the repositories that the Linux server uses). 

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What is TCP port 8080 typically used for?

What is TCP port 8080 typically used for?

Jenkins, Docker, NodeJS, Apache Ambari, Apache Marathon, Apache Tomcat, Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Load Balancer, JBoss Application Server, GitLab, M2MLogger (remote monitoring), InfoSphere BigInsights Console (IBM’s proprietary Hadoop and Spark solution), JasperReports (because of Apache Tomcat), remote management of physical routers, and enterprise network proxy services all commonly use port 8080. 

In part, taken from Learning AWS

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AWS S3 Problem: “The specified key does not exist.” How do you solve this?

Problem scenario:  You are trying to upload a file to S3 but get an error.  You use a command like this:
curl -T /path/to/
You get an error in XML that includes “The specified key does not exist.”

Solution:  Check the path to your source file.  Verify your source file is there with the name you expect it to be.

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How Do You Troubleshoot the Error “eve.exceptions.ConfigException: DOMAIN dictionary missing or wrong.”?

Problem scenario
You are trying to use Python Eve.  You are using Python’s interactive command prompt, and you run these two commands:

from eve import Eve
app = Eve()

But you get this error:

“File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eve/”, line 138, in __init__
  File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eve/”, line 269, in validate_domain_struct
    raise ConfigException(‘DOMAIN dictionary missing or wrong.’)
eve.exceptions.ConfigException: DOMAIN dictionary missing or wrong.”

What should you do?

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How Do You Copy Many Files from Your Linux Server into a Docker Container?

Problem scenario
You want to move copies of all the files in a given subdirectory (we’ll say /tmp/a/ for an example) on a Docker host to go into a Docker container.  

From the server use the command “docker ps” to find the container ID.  Now that you have the container ID, you can write a script to move copies of the files into the Docker container.  

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How To Install Docker on an AWS Instance of SUSE Linux?

Updated on 12/26/18

These directions show how to install Docker on SUSE Linux. These commands are for installing Docker 1.x on an AWS instance of SUSE 15.  These directions require that your AWS SUSE Linux server is in a security group that has access to the internet.  (If you want to see more directions for install Docker on different distributions of Linux in different public clouds, see this posting.)

Step #1 

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What is the Order of Execution of a Puppet Manifest?

Problem scenario:  When someone uses a .pp file (either through a puppet agent call from a Puppet Agent node or via a puppet apply on a Puppet Master server), what order can a human DevOps Engineer expect the order to be?

Answer:  The execution order of a given manifest is the top of the manifest is executed and Puppet works its way down from there. tested and verified this,

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How Do You Troubleshoot a Puppet Manifest When The Errors and Logging Do Not Help You?

Updated on 11/10/18

Problem scenario
A Puppet manifest is not working, but there are no obvious error messages.  When running the puppet agent command, you use the -d flag for debugging.  In your manifest, you use logoutput => true stanza.  But still, you cannot figure out why your manifest is not working.

You tried this command:  # puppet parser validate nameOfManifest.pp

The above command had no output.  

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Doing Bash Arithmetic with Greater Precision than Integer Values

Problem scenario:  Using Bash you want to compute kB, MB, and GB with decimal values.  But you only seem to be able to do arithmetic on integer values.

Root cause:  Bash does not support “float” arithmetic with values to the right of the period.  Decimal values cannot be calculated.

Solution:  Install the bc utility/language (e.g. yum -y install bc). It is often used in Bash to augment the numeric processing features. 

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