Ansible Documentation Appears To Have Errors

Ansible’s documentation indicates that inventory variables (in .yml files) are assigned with colons (“:”) and not equals (“=”) signs.  However in practice, equals (“=”) signs are necessary for key-value assignments and colons (“:”) do not work.  If you have found their documentation to be correct, please post a comment.

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How to Install Virtual Machine Manager on Ubuntu 16

Problem Scenario:  You want to run VMs on your Linux server.  You are running Ubuntu 16.  You want to install Virtual Machine Manager (a free software package).

1. Run this command to see if you have processors that can support virtualization:
sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c svm || cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c vmx

If the result shows a 1 or higher,

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Understanding CloudBolt’s Errors

Problem Scenario
In CloudBolt (the Cloud Management Platform), you run a job to create a server.  The job stops progressing.  The GUI shows “Failed Order … provisioning nameOfServer” with a bar that has the left most 5% red and the rest of the 95% gray.  What do you do to create the server?

The server may be created; there may have been a small error when the job ran. 

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How To Resolve “Certificate_Verify_Failed” error when trying an AWS CLI command?

Problem Scenario  You try to use an AWS CLI command, but you get an error.  The error says “[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:…)”

Possible solutions

#1  Redo the AWS configuration.  Issue this command: aws configure
Leave the AWS Access Key ID and the AWS Secret Access Key the way they are.  Look at the “Default region name.”  Verify there is no letter at the end. 

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Python Quiz

(For the DevOps and ETL Quiz, click here.)

Python Quiz

1.  What is an iterator in Python?

A)  A stream of data that is manipulated or interacted with as an object.
B)  A function that returns a namespace.
C)  A module of nested objects.
D)  A function that returns packages.

2.  Which module in Python allows you to translate strings to and from binary formats?

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Continual Integration Recommendations

Does your business need DevOps Engineers, Build Engineers, Release Engineers, Linux Administrators, SDETs, AWS Consultants, or Cloud Architects for temporary staff augmentation?  Email sales [AT] americandevops [DOT] com for contractors or candidates for permanent placement positions.  The price quote is free and please reference in your initial request.

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A Linux server provides an error “Stale NFS filehandle” message.

Problem scenario:  A Linux server provides an error “Stale NFS filehandle” message.

Potential root causes:  A file was opened on another server and was deleted, replaced or given a new name.

Solution:  Unmount the NFS share and mount it again.

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The Apparent Story Behind OpenStack Component Log File Names

AWS used to have a separate API package from their CLI package; now the two are the same.  OpenStack components’ command line interface activity is captured in a log when proper thresholds are set (e.g., nova.conf, glance.conf etc.) and later met.  CLI activity (which bypasses Horizon) as well as GUI API activity (e.g., mouse clicks on buttons in Horizon) is written to a file named api.log.  The location of this api.log file follows this convention: /var/log/OpenStackComponentName/api.log (where “OpenStackComponentName” is nova,

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