Terraform Quiz with Answers

1. What is the remote state in Terraform?

A centralized data store with the parameters of the desired configuration for Terraform runs. The parameters for the desired configuration are referred to as as a state file in the context of Terraform.

Whereas an individual may use Terraform with the default local state (a local file with desired state configuration data), a group of professionals may want a single source of truth for their desired configurations.

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Kubernetes Quiz and Answers

This is a quiz about containers, Docker, and Kubernetes — but mostly about Kubernetes.

1. cgroups govern which of the following resources (choose all that apply)?

a. CPU
b. Namespaces
c. Memory
d. Disk I/O rates

Answer: A, C, and D. Source: Page 157 of Docker Up & Running, First Edition, by Matthias and Kane. The second edition can be purchased here.

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OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz with Answers

OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz with Answers 
(For the DevOps and ETL Quiz, click here.  For the answers to the DevOps and ETL Quiz, click here.  For the Python Quiz, click here.  For the answers to the Python Quiz, click here.)

1.  What are the HTTP operations associated with the acronym CRUD?

Answer: CRUD stands for Create,

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DevOps and ETL Quiz Answers

DevOps ETL Quiz Answers

1.  What is the devops tool for databases?

a.  QuerySurge
b.  Beehive
c.  Stratos
d.  DBMaestro

Answer: D. DBMaestro

2.  What does mung mean?

Answer:  “Mash until no good.”  It refers to a permanent operation of data wherein changes will make the data irretrievable.  An example would be to remove the commas from a .csv file. 

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Python Quiz Answers

1.  What is an iterator in Python?

A)  A stream of data that is manipulated or interacted with as an object.
B)  A function that returns a namespace.
C)  A module of nested objects.
D)  A function that returns packages.

Answer: A. For more information, see the Python.org glossary.

2.  Which module in Python allows you to translate strings to and from binary formats?

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Big Data Quiz with Answers

Big Data Quiz

1.  What does EDH stand for?

a.  Enterprise Data Hub
b.  Extract Develop Hadoop
c.  Extract Decide Haul
d.  Extract Data Hadoop

Answer:  a.  Sources:
http://searchbusinessanalytics.techtarget.com/feature/Hadoop-2-YARN-set-to-shake-up-data-management-and-analytics (Previous link used to work.)

2.  Gartner, Informatica and MapR think “data lakes” should be referred to as what?

a.  data warehouses

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