How Do You Get the Arrow Keys to Not Enter Text when in vi?

Problem scenario
When you enter text in vi you see A, B, C, or D, when you press an arrow key. How do you get vi to act more “normally”?

Create ~/.vimrc if it doesn’t exist. If it does exist, append a stanza “set nocompatible” (without quotes) to the file.

Here are the steps:

vi ~/.vimrc
set nocompatible …

Can the Word “Bandwidth” Be Use to Describe an Employee’s Capacity for More Work?

Is it acceptable to ask an employee if they have availability for more work by asking if they have “bandwidth”?

Yes, but not everyone will know what it means, and some people don’t care for this metaphor.


How Do You Troubleshoot a “make install” Command Failing?

Problem scenario
You run a “make install” command, but it fails with a message that says
“error loading module requirements…Makefile …”

What should you do?

Possible solution #1
You do not have enough space on the disk. Can you expand the storage capacity? Then run “go mod tidy” when the server is usable again. Try the “make install” again.

Possible solution #2
You do not have permissions to write to certain directories.

What Does “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” Mean?

Problem scenario
You have seen the initialism NYKNYC. What does it mean?

NYKNYC means “not your keys, not your coins” or “not your keys, not your cryptocurrency.” A private key is a non-tangible key that is not supposed to be given to other people. A public key is an address that may be given to other people.

You have to protect that private key because if anyone else gets their hands on it,

What Happens if a Cold Cryptocurrency Wallet Stops Working?

Problem scenario
There is disk corruption of your cold wallet for cryptocurrency. The hardware is broken or defective. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Do you have the recovery phrase/seed? You don’t want other people to have this; they could get your coins.

To read about what you might do, see the following:

How Do You Configure Your WordPress Website’s Homepage to Be The Latest Postings?

Problem scenario
You no longer want a static landing page for your website’s home page. You are using WordPress. What should you do?

1. Log into WordPress
2. Go to Settings -Reading
3. For the “Your homepage displays”, choose the radio button for “Your latest posts”.