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    Last's Privacy Policy

    We collect referring URLs from visitors.  We also use cookies.  Our hosting provider, like the majority of hosting providers, finds the URL the visitor was on before going to  Our hosting provider obtains the IP address of the visitors. This information is used for analytics purposes (e.g., to determine which search engine is sending the most traffic).

    This site may have tracking from these sources:

    • Amazon Associates
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    If you click on a link on this website (any relevant page) associated with CJ (Commission Junction) or FlexOffers there is tracking technology (via a cookie) that you visited this website prior to the click.

    Aside from clicking on links on this website, we collect your name and email address if you choose to post a message. You do not have to use your real name.  Your email address is visible only to internal people and not to other visitors of You may request that we delete your comment.  Normally we will delete the posting at a later time if we believe the request is legitimate (and not someone else posing as the person who made the comment).

    If you donate money, we receive credit card information.  We do not rent or sell this information.

    We would disclose your information (e.g., email address or credit card information) to authorities upon a subpoena request or other legal obligation to do so.  Such an event requiring us to disclose such information is not likely to happen. This policy is governed by the laws of Ohio. We have the right to amend the privacy policy at any time.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please use this Contact page to submit them via a message through the form above.

    Website Disclaimer and Conditions of Use
    We are not responsible for the content of other websites -- even those that are linked from this one; use of is conditioned on the fact that you will hold us harmless from injuries you may incur by clicking on links or doing business with the linked companies. This site and its pages are for informational purposes only.  Use the content on this site and the external pages linked from this site at your own risk. 

    We do not take responsibility for the code, scripts, downloadable artifacts, and/or directions provided in the articles and quizzes on this site.  We do not warrant that the solutions will necessarily work for their stated purpose or are fit for any given particular purpose.  The solutions may have negative consequences such as lost data or reduced network protection.  While some of these articles give tips to harden servers or networks, with computer technology, crucial components may change rapidly.  Furthermore with servers or microservices, environments are diverse.  Therefore we accept no responsibility for the solutions on this page or the consequences of attempting the solutions here in.  Some solutions may leave a server or microservice component less secure or less reliable than it originally was. 

    We assume no liability for data loss, software piracy, copyright infringement, patent infringement, or server unavailability due to you following or not following the directions available on this web page.  You are advised to consult with a professional before running the programs or following the solutions on this site.  As we have no control over the content on external sites, those sites could be compromised, the content could change, or the content could become outdated. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not use the website.

    For anything sensitive or in production in I.T., we recommend you hire a knowledgeable professional to ensure you follow recommended practices for security and reliability in your solutions (including writing code, configuring operating systems, routers, or firewalls).

    If you read the entire policy, you may want to read the article How Do You Protect Your Privacy When You Are Traveling?. It has some VPN suggestions.