A List of Kubernetes Books

Some of these items are books, practice exams or DVDs related to Kubernetes. This list was updated on 4/5/20.

Amazon EKS: User Guide
Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications: Learn to build and deploy robust JavaScript applications using Cucumber, Mocha, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes
Building Microservice Systems with Docker and Kubernetes - Training DVD
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Complete Video Learning Certification Exam Set (DVD)
Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Modern Applications in the Cloud
Containers in OpenStack: Leverage OpenStack services to make the most of Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos
Continuous Delivery Handbook: Non Programmer’s Guide to DevOps, Microservices and Kubernetes
The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit: Kubernetes: Deploying and managing highly-available and fault-tolerant applications at scale (The DevOps Toolkit Series)
The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit: Continuous Deployment To Kubernetes: Continuously deploying applications with Jenkins to a
DevOps: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes
DevOps with Kubernetes: Accelerating software delivery with container orchestrators
Devops with Kubernetes: Non-Programmer's Handbook
Docker and Kubernetes for Java Developers: Scale, deploy, and monitor multi-container applications
Getting Started with Istio Service Mesh: Manage Microservices in Kubernetes
Getting Started with Kubernetes
Getting Started with Kubernetes - Second Edition: Orchestrate and manage large-scale Docker deployments
Getting Started with Kubernetes: Extend your containerization strategy by orchestrating and managing large-scale container deployments, 3rd Edition
Hands-On Microservices with Kubernetes: Build, deploy, and manage scalable microservices on Kubernetes
Kubernetes: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners To Build, Manage, Develop, and Intelligently Deploy Applications By Using Kubernetes (2020 Edition)
Kubernetes Administration I: A Hands-On Guide to Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam
Kubernetes Best Practices
Kubernetes: Build and Deploy Modern Applications in a Scalable Infrastructure. The Complete Guide to the Most Modern Scalable Software Infrastructure. (Docker & Kubernetes Book 2)
Introduction to DevOps with Kubernetes: Build scalable cloud-native applications using DevOps patterns created with Kubernetes
The Kubernetes Book: Version 3 - Updated 2020
Kubernetes - A Complete DevOps Cookbook: Build and manage your applications, orchestrate containers, and deploy cloud-native services
Kubernetes: The Complete Guide To Master Kubernetes (March 2019 Edition)
Kubernetes Cookbook: Building Cloud Native Applications
Kubernetes Cookbook: Practical solutions to container orchestration, 2nd Edition
Kubernetes cluster (The DevOps Toolkit Series)
Kubernetes Design Patterns and Extensions: Enhance your container-cluster management skills and efficiently develop and deploy applications
Kubernetes for Developers: Use Kubernetes to develop, test, and deploy your applications with the help of containers
Kubernetes for Serverless Applications: Implement FaaS by effectively deploying, managing, monitoring, and orchestrating serverless applications using Kubernetes
Kubernetes Handbook: Non-Programmer’s Guide to Deploy Applications with Kubernetes
Kubernetes in Action
Kubernetes Microservices with Docker
Kubernetes on AWS: Deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters on AWS
Kubernetes Operators
Kubernetes Patterns
Kubernetes: The Updated Guide to Master Kubernetes for Everyone (January 2020 Version)
Kubernetes: The Ultimate Guide to Learn and Master Kubernetes for Beginners and Advanced Users (2020 Edition)
Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure
Learn Kubernetes - Container orchestration using Docker (Learn Collection)
Mastering Kubernetes: Large scale container deployment and management
Mastering Kubernetes: Master the art of container management by using the power of Kubernetes, 2nd Edition
Managing Kubernetes: Operating Kubernetes Clusters in the Real World
Programming Kubernetes: Developing Cloud-Native Applications
Pro SQL Server on Linux: Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
Scalable Container Infrastructures with Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift - 2019 Edition (English Edition): The Compendium on Container Clusters for Enterprise Administrators and DevOps Teams

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