A Long List of Docker Books

We found Docker Cookbook to be a good reference book about Docker.  The author, via O'Reilly Customer Service, responded to us saying that on page 79 near the top of Figure 3-1, the open curly brace "{" should be removed.  We were impressed the author took that the time to respond.

A shorter book written by two authors (neither of whom authored the Docker Cookbook) is called Docker Up & Running.  We thought this was a decent book with a good overview of terms and Docker in general.

Here is a long list of Docker books in alphabetical order:

Developing with Docker by Jaroslaw Krochmalski
The Docker Book: Containerization is the new virtualization by James Turnbull
Docker Containers: Build and Deploy with Kubernetes, Flannel, Cockpit, and Atomic by Christopher Negus
Docker Cookbook by Sebastien Goasguen
Docker: Docker Guide for Production Environment (Programming is Easy) (Volume 8) by Matthew Gimson
Docker for Sysadmins: Linux Windows VMware by Nigel Poulton
Docker in Action by Jeff Nickoloff
Docker in Practice 1st Edition by Ian Miell and Aidan Hobson Sayers 
Docker in Production: Lessons from the Trenches by Joe Johnston, John Fiedler, Milos Gajdos, Antoni Batchelli, Justin Cormack
Docker Networking Cookbook Paperback by Jon Langemak
Docker: The Complete Beginner's Guide by Byron Francis
Docker: The Complete Beginners Guide to Starting with Docker (Programming, Docker Containers, Linking Containers) by Austin Spencer
Docker: The Complete Guide To Mastering Docker In No Time - Discover Amazing Advantages Of Using Docker! by Nick Williamson
Docker: The Complete Introduction To Using Docker Containers Today by David Larson
Docker: The Essential User Guide to Mastering Docker In No Time! (Docker, Docker Course, Docker Development) by Walter King
Docker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Learning The Basics Of Docker by Steven Jones
Docker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting with and Mastering Docker Fast! (Programming, Docker Containers, Linking Containers) by Nick Williamson
Docker: The Ultimate Guide With Instructions To Docker Container Technology! (Programming, Docker Containers, Linking Containers) by Henry Hayes
Docker Up & Running by Karl Matthias & Sean P. Kane
Docker: What You Need to Know by John Symonds
Native Docker Clustering with Swarm by Fabrizio Soppelsa, Chanwit Kaewkasi
Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers by Adrian Mouat

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