How Do You Create a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline That Starts when Code is Checked into Atlassian Bitbucket?

Problem scenario
To trigger a Jenkins build after code is inserted into a Bitbucket repository, I have two options. I can use a Bitbucket plugin in Jenkins and do the configuration there. Or I can create a webhook in Bitbucket.

I tried both with a great deal of troubleshooting. But neither worked, and there was no error message. I found nothing in the logs. The triggering event clearly happened.

What might be the cause? Is there a third method for doing this?

Possible Solution #1
Is there an intermediate firewall blocking Bitbucket from communicating with Jenkins?

Possible Solution #2
In Bitbucket, are Post-Receive Webhooks enabled? In Settings of a Bitbucket repository there is a Workflow section. Under "Workflow" there should be a "Hooks" section. Post-Receive Webhooks must be enabled.

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