How Do You Create a Recovery Drive (e.g., a USB stick) for Windows 10?

Problem scenario
You want a USB stick to use in case you need a new hard drive (e.g., your hard drive crashes). How do you create a recovery USB stick?


  1. Remove all USB sticks (as a recommended practice) except a USB stick that can be overwritten. This USB drive should have 8 GB or greater capacity.
  2. In the lower left hand search box, type in "Create a recover drive" with no quotes.
  3. Check the "Best Match" option at the top (above the suggestions). Click "Yes" to the pop up.
  4. Keep "Back up system files" checked. Click "Next". You may have to wait a few minutes.
  5. Select the USB flash drive from the list of "Available drive(s)". Click "Next."
  6. Click "Create" if you are willing to have all the files in the drive being deleted. If you get a prompt about not being able to create the recovery drive, is the drive really 8 GB? Some flash drives advertise this amount, but the real capacity is closer to 7.5 GB.

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