How Do You Install Apache Rya on Any Distribution of Linux?

Problem Scenario
You want to install Apache Rya on Linux. What do you do?


i. You need a server with at least 5 GB of total memory. You can create swap space with this posting. (Remember that 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of swap space will be insufficient for installing Rya.)
ii. You need a server with at least 30 GB of free space.
iii. Java and Maven must be installed. If you have a Debian or Ubuntu distribution of Linux and you need assistance installing Java, run this: sudo apt install default-jdk
For any other distribution of Linux you can see this posting for help on installing Java and this posting for installing Maven.
iv. Install git if it has not been installed. To do this on a RedHat derivative of Linux (e.g., CentOS/RHEL/Fedora), you could run this: sudo yum -y install git

Run these commands:

git clone 

cd incubator-rya

mvn clean install -Drat.numUnapprovedLicenses=350
# The above command can take 90 minutes to run.

# The next commands are optional if you want to install the Rya command shell:

sudo find / -name*tar.gz

Copy the file into /bin/ (e.g., sudo cp /path/to/file/found/above/ /bin/)
cd /bin/
sudo tar -xzvf*tar.gz
sudo bin/rya

From the rya prompt run this: version
This proves it was installed correctly.

(According to Forbes, triplestore databases are NoSQL.)

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