How Do You Troubleshoot Permissions Errors in the /home/ directory of a Linux server?

Problem scenario
You want to create files in the /home/ directory of your user. You are getting permission errors in the /home/ directory but the permissions are 777 and you are the user who is the owner of the directory, what should you do?

Possible Solution #1

1. Run this command: sudo service autofs stop
2. Make files or directories in home.
3. Run this command: sudo mount -a
4. To be thorough, reboot the server. Check the files or subdirectories.

Possible Solution #2
Are credential pairs able to log into more than one server in your environment? Are you possibly using an LDAP such as NIS in your environment?

The root cause could be that NIS is configured to disallow files to be created in the /home/ directory. The systems administrator in charge of authentication of your network would be the person to assist with this.

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