How Do You Troubleshoot Triggers in a CI/CD Pipeline That Are Not Functioning?

Problem scenario
You are using Bitbucket and Jenkins. You have configured triggers to happen on certain events. The events have happened, but you see no corresponding action, no alerts or error messages and nothing in any relevant log. What should you do?

Possible solution #1
In Bitbucket, log in. Go to the relevant repository. Then go to Settings -> Workflow -> Hooks. Enable the "Post-Receive Web Hooks." If this is disabled, the triggers may not fire when the events so configured do happen.

Possible solution #2
There are firewall rules between your Bitbucket instance and your Jenkins instance prohibiting communication. Or there is some other lack of communication between the two. Verify there is communication between the two.

Possible solution #3
Newer verisons of Bitbucket have more logging compared to older versions. If possible, you may want to upgrade your version of Bitbucket.

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