What is Calico?

In the context of container orchestration, you have read or seen "Calico." What is it?

"Calico provides a highly scalable networking and network policy solution for connecting Kubernetes pods based on the same IP networking principles as the internet. … Calico also provides fine-grained, intent based network security policy for Kubernetes pods via its distributed firewall." Taken from https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/networking/

"Calico provides secure network connectivity for containers and virtual machine workloads. Calico creates and manages a flat layer 3 network, assigning each workload a fully routable IP address." Taken from https://docs.projectcalico.org/v3.3/introduction/

"Project Calico is an open source container networking provider and network policy engine." taken from https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/networking/

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