What Should You Do to Set Firefox to Be Your Default Browser in Windows 10?

Problem scenario
When you open Firefox in Windows 10 you get a prompt about whether or not it should be your default browser. You choose the option ("Use Firefox as my default browser") to make it your default browser, but it does not work. You see a window called "Settings" which has options for default applications.

What should you do to get Firefox to be your default browser in Windows 10?

(You can replace "Firefox" with "Chrome" if you want "Chrome" to be your web browser.) The solution is slightly counter-intuitive. If you want to set Firefox as your default app, in Settings* (this application window should appear after you click "Use Firefox as my default browser"), click on the default web browser (e.g., Microsoft Edge). The icon of the web browser that is your "Default app" is what you need to click on. Then choose from the following pop-up "Firefox".

If you want to select certain files to be associated with Firefox and not others do the following steps in the * below.

*In the Settings window, go to "Set defaults by app". Find Firefox. Click on it. Click "Manage". You will see various file extensions such as .htm, .html, .shtml, .xht etc. Click the icon of the web browser that is currently associated with the file, then click on "Firefox" that appears as a choice.

  • If "Settings" is not apparent, go to the circle in the left hand corner and search for "Settings". It is referred to as a "Trusted Microsoft store app." Open "Settings".

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