Why Would a MongoDB Container Work on an Ubuntu Host but Not a SUSE Host?

Problem scenario
You have two Linux servers in AWS, and each one has the same flavor (i.e., same amount of RAM and same number of processors). One is Ubuntu and another is SUSE. These commands will create working containers in Ubuntu:

docker run --name name1-mongo -d mongo
docker run --name name2-mongo -d mongo:2

This command will not create a working container in SUSE:

docker run --name name2-mongo -d mongo:2

The container that is created will never start. Its status is "Exited." What is wrong?

SUSE and Ubuntu may have the same amount of processing power and RAM available. However if you have only one processor, the containers may not perform correctly. Try resizing the SUSE VM so you have more than one processor. If your server is in AWS, see this link for directions on how to resize it. If your server is in GCP, see this posting on how to resize it.

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