Apache Software Foundation Has Imperfect Websites

"Documentation plays a great role in the maintenance of a project."  (Page 19, Learn Apache Ant, Tutorialspoint.com, 2014) 

The open source movement is no exception.  As much as we admire The Apache Software Foundation, we are disappointed that they don't correct errors. We've submitted the first two errors below to them.  However, mistakes remain. Here are some errors to help other people who may be confused:

#1 was corrected.  (We removed the error from this page.)

#2 Error on web page for Apache Ant
Specific location: http://ant.apache.org/projects.html
What is wrong:  There are five broken links on this page.
The links to Antiplate, BuildMonkey, Leafcutter*, JAM - JavaGen Ant Modules, Savant are all broken.

* You have to confirm a security exception.  Professionals may not be allowed to do this from a corporate network.

#3  Error on web page for Apache Ant
Specific location: https://ant.apache.org/external.html
What is wrong:  The "Jrun Ant Tasks" link (http://www.adobe.com/products/jrun/) redirects to ColdFusion. The "Surround SCM" link is broken.

#4  Web page on Apache Ant
Specific location: http://ant.apache.org/antnews.html
Content: "Best-Practices Profile of Apache Ant at Sun's Dot-Com Builder
Sun has released an introductory article on Apache Ant on their Dot-Com Builder site on May 30 2001. See http://dcb.sun.com/practices/profiles/ant.jsp"
What is wrong:  The web page redirects to a generic Oracle web page.

#5 was corrected.

This post was last updated on January 1, 2018.

As of 9/2/16 there were two other problems.  We will post them below for posterity. 
#1 Error on web page for Apache Tomcat
Specific location: https://tomcat.apache.org/connectors-doc/webserver_howto/apache.html
Content: "Warning:  If Apache HTTP Server and Tomcat are configured to serve content from the same filing system location then care must be taken to ensure that httpd is not able to serve inappropriate content such as the contents of the WEB-INF directory or JSP source code."
What was wrong:  Filing system?  It is now fixed.

#5  Web page on Apache Maven
Specific location: https://maven.apache.org/repository-management.html used to have a broken link.
Content: Sonatype Nexus OSS (open source)
What was wrong:  There was a link that did not work.  It is now fixed.

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