How Can a Base Branch Not Be a Master Branch in Git?

Problem scenario
You have seen the term “base branch” in Git documentation. How can it not be the main branch?

In the context of a Pull Request, where one branch’s changes will update the same files (if any exist) and any new files will be copied into another branch, the branch receiving the changes and/or files is the base branch.

How Do You Troubleshoot Triggers in a CI/CD Pipeline That Are Not Functioning?

Problem scenario
You are using Bitbucket and Jenkins. You have configured triggers to happen on certain events. The events have happened, but you see no corresponding action, no alerts or error messages and nothing in any relevant log. What should you do?

Possible solution #1
In Bitbucket, log in. Go to the relevant repository. Then go to Settings -Workflow -Hooks.

How Do You Create a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline That Starts when Code is Checked into Atlassian Bitbucket?

Problem scenario
To trigger a Jenkins build after code is inserted into a Bitbucket repository, I have two options. I can use a Bitbucket plugin in Jenkins and do the configuration there. Or I can create a webhook in Bitbucket.

I tried both with a great deal of troubleshooting. But neither worked, and there was no error message. I found nothing in the logs. The triggering event clearly happened.

How Do You Deactivate a HipChat User with Only His/Her Email Address Using the REST API?

Problem scenario
You have email addresses of users that you want deactivated. You do not want to use the GUI for HipChat. How do you invoke REST APIs to deactivate a user?

You need an API token for HipChat. If you have this, start with the Procedures below. Otherwise keep reading this “Prerequisite” section. You need several scopes for the API token authorize you to be able to deactivate a user.

How Do You Change the Indentation of the GUI-Rendering of a File in Bitbucket?

Problem scenario
You are using a web browser and some items in a list are indenting where you do not want them indented. How do you make them line up with the other items in the list without indentation?

Bitbucket’s rendering of a text file does an auto-indent for natural numbers (with no sub-numbering scheme). If you have this in a file,

How Do You Get Bitbucket to Render Text in a Regular Size when There Are Hashtag (or Hashmarks, “#”)?

Problem scenario
Bitbucket’s GUI renders Bash code with large text on lines with a “#” hash sign (aka tic-tac-toe sign, number sign, or hash symbol). How do you get the lines to be the same size in Bitbucket GUI rendering?

Usually the hash sign “#” is a comment (for many programming languages). If you have a space after the hash sign like this “# comments here” (instead of “#comments here”),

How Do You Troubleshoot a Bitbucket Webhook Invocation to Start a Jenkins Build?

Problem scenario
You have created a webhook in Bitbucket to call a Jenkins URL. You create the triggering event in the repository (e.g., by pushing code or creating a pull request). The build associated with the Jenkins URL does not start.

You manually tested the Jenkins URL, bypassing Bitbucket, with curl -X POST. The invocation successfully starts the build.

In the Bitbucket logs you see “Connection refused” or “403 Forbidden” errors when the triggering event happens to the given repository (configured with the webhook).

What Can You Do to Set up Jira when It Hangs Forever with No Error Messages?

Problem scenario
You connect your Jira instance to an empty SQL database.  For the first time you log into the web UI to set things up.  When you try to create a task, project or story, the web UI hangs forever.  If you close out of the web UI, you have to start all over.  

What do you do when you first connect to a Jira instance via its web UI and it prompts you for a language and other initial settings but hangs when you try to create a task or story?

How Do You Install Jira When You Get an Error about Not Having a Graphical UI or an Error about Using the -c Flag to Use the “console” to Install Jira?

Problem scenario
You are trying to install Jira on a RHEL server (e.g., in AWS).  You run this:

sudo ./atlassian-jira-software-7.8.1-x64.bin

But it gives you an error.  You see a message about not being able to connect to an X server and the -c option will invoke a console method.  You try using the -c flag when invoking the .bin script to install Jira.  The problem keeps happening.