Empowering Electronics Design Engineers with Continual Integration Tools

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In the intricate and dynamic field of electronics design, the journey from the inception of a concept to the realization of a tangible prototype is replete with an array of challenges. The process demands not only a profound understanding of the underlying principles of electronics but also the ability to navigate a labyrinth of intricate details and unforeseen hurdles.

For electronics design engineers and research and development (R&D) specialists,

In GitLab, How Do You Find Only Files (not folders or projects) That Have “foo” in Their Content and Have File Extensions of .bar?

Problem scenario
You are using the GitLab GUI. You want to find files that end with .bar and have the patter “foo” in the content. How do you find them?

Use the Search feature. Use this as the search term for a given Group in GitLab (with “Any” for the “Project”):

foo extension:bar

(Do not use “.bar”.)

The source of this is https://docs.gitlab.com.

What is Pipelinization in Technology/Computing?

In I.T. what is pipelinization?

Answer / Disambiguation
The configuration, creation, or execution of a repeatable process that involves a series of stages with a start and finish. Another definition of pipelinization would be making a procedure into a controlled stream (for reproducibility for parallel and independent development or parallel and increased throughput of the original process). A final definition would be adopting a manual or automated process by developing a sequence of substeps for a [batch] job to incrementally pass through.

What is Knowledge of Merging Strategies in the Context of Git?

What are different merging strategies in the context of Git?

Possible Answers
“…branches are completely useless unless you merge them…” – Linus Torvalds

A branch is a set of files associated with a code base usually in a collection known as a repository. Atlassian says “[b]ranching is a feature available in most modern version control systems…”,

What Is the Difference between a Jenkins Project and a Jenkins Pipeline?

You have heard of Jenkins pipelines and projects. What is the difference?

A Jenkins project is a new word for a Jenkins job. It is “[a] user-configured description of work which Jenkins should perform, such as building a piece of software, etc” (according to Jenkins website).

A Jenkins pipeline is “[a] user-defined model of a continuous delivery” automated stream of procedures related to software (according to Jenkins website).

How Do You Troubleshoot a Web UI Problem with GitLab?

Problem scenario
When you are using GitLab, you receive various 500 errors. The web UI is not working correctly. What should you do?

Possible solution #1
1. Go to the back-end of the GitLab server. Run this: sudo gitlab-ctl tail
2. Reproduce the web UI problems that you are having. Examine the output.

Possible solution #2
You may want to install Fiddler on your desktop to get more details about the front-end.

How Do You Find the Web UI of a GitLab Server on Your Network?

Problem scenario
You inherited a GitLab server on your network to manage. You want to find the front end of the URL. What should you do?

Find the external IP address. Log into the back-end. If it has access to the internet, run this command: curl icanhazip.com

If you have no access to the internet, run this command: ip addr show

Use the IP addresses exhaustively in a web browser with a port in this fashion (where ppp should be replaced with the port number you want to try): http://x.x.x.x:pppp

The port number may be one to five numbers long.

How Do You Troubleshoot This Error “502 Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond.”?

Problem scenario
You try to log into GitLab for the first time, but you get this error:

“502 Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond.”

What should you do?

Go to the back end of the server. Run the top command. Is the left most load average above 1 (e.g, 1.08)?

The top line of the results of the top command will look something like this:

load average: 1.08,

How Do You Troubleshoot the GitLab Installation Error “dpkg: error processing package gitlab-ee…post-installation script returned error exit status 1”?

Problem scenario
You are trying to install GitLab, but you get this error:

“dpkg: error processing package gitlab-ee (–configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1″

What do you do?

Possible solution #1
Is Jenkins running on the server? Is a service running on port 8080? Can you stop any process running on port 8080 and try again?