How Do You Get Ansible Playbooks to Create Directories on Managed Nodes?

Problem scenario
You want Ansible to create directories on managed nodes.  How do you write a playbook to do this?


This assumes that you have installed and configured Ansible.  If you do not know how to deploy Ansible, see this posting if you are using a Red Hat derivative.  If you are using Linux SUSE, see this posting.  If you need help running a playbook, see this posting.

In the playbook (the .yaml file) for the section that creates the subdirectory, add these two stanzas where "cooluser" is a username with sudoer privileges on the managed node:

  remote_user: cooluser
  become: yes

Here is a complete playbook that creates a directory called "contint" in the /etc/ directory:

- name: something
  hosts: all
  remote_user: cooluser
  become: yes
  - file:
      path: /etc/contint
      state: directory
      owner: cooluser
      mode: 0744

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