How Do You Use MetaMask after the Extension Itself Has Been Installed?

Problem scenario
You installed the MetaMask extension on a web browser. You cannot seem to locate it or open it. How do you use MetaMask now?

Click on the extensions icon of your web browser. If you click on extensions or are viewing your browser’s extensions and you do not see it, go to Extensions, and choose the allow option for “Run in Private Windows.” This should make it visible for you (even if you were not necessarily opening a private window).

Venezuelans Use Cryptocurrency to Deal with Inflation

Valiu [a cryptocurrency app] uses pesos to buy cryptocurrency that it then sells on LocalBitcoins, a global peer-to-peer site for trading tokens in local currencies.

“When the power is out in Venezuela, when internet service is down,… [a cryptocurrency app]… has a huge impact on how long it takes to send a remittance to one’s family,” said Toro, who quit working as a university security guard because his monthly salary could not even pay for a day’s groceries.

Cryptocurrency is Helping Lebanon Deal with Inflation

Lebanese buy groceries with USDT and mine crypto, as their country’s financial system has collapsed.

…stablecoins are used as an interim measure, offering easy access to dollar, serving as a stepping stone amid the crisis.

Is There a Non-custodial Exchange That Supports Trezor Holding Arbitrum?

Problem scenario
Is there a non-custodial exchange that allows you to exchange Arbitrum coins with a Trezor wallet?

Yes. There are at least three:, and

Warning: Trezor does not natively support Arbitrum. Therefore you would have to import your wallet to something like MetaMask. You would have to give another party your recovery seed.

Will You Ever Be Able to Get ARB Sent to Your Wallet’s Ethereum Address?

One of the following apply to you:

Problem scenario #1
You sent ARB to an Ethereum address of you wallet. You cannot find it on the wallet. What should you do?

Problem scenario #2 (a more generic problem)
If you sent coins to an ethereum-based address of a Trezor wallet, but you are not using Metamask for those coins,

How Do You Handle the Prompt “Are you sure that this transaction doesn’t require a MEMO to be successful?” when You are Trying to Send XRP or XLM to a Trezor or Ledger wallet?

Problem scenario
You are trying to send Ripple coins to a Trezor wallet. You get a prompt like “Are you sure that this transaction doesn’t require a MEMO to be successful?” or “This transaction has no destination tag, are you sure it is not required to be successful?

Do you need to include a memo or “destination tag” when the Ripple coins or Stellar Lumens are going to a Trezor wallet or Ledger wallet?

Does BinanceUS Have Costly Fees when Withdrawing Coins?

Problem scenario
You want to know if Binance has high fees with withdrawing cryptocurrency. It seems that withdrawing USDT (Tether) is going to cost a significant amount. But you want it in your wallet. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Trade the USDT for XRP or some other coin.

As of March 2024, it seems that you can buy XRP with USDT on Binance and the withdrawal fee for putting XRP into a wallet would be much lower (than a comparable amount of USDT).