Does a “Sell Short” Button Do What a Regular “Sell” Button Would Do?

Problem scenario
You are trying to sell a stock. You see an option for "Sell Short", but no "Sell" button. You want to do a regular sell as a trade. You don't want to try to "short" a stock. What should you do?

Possible Solution
It is good to be observant because a "Sell Short" option is different from a regular sale of stock. Are you in the right account? Sometimes the regular "sell" button is not available because you are in a different account. Did your online brokerage account set up more than one account? Are you trying to sell more shares of the stock than you currently own? Check the quantity of the stock and the stock's symbol. You may have confused a detail such as the account number, the quantity of the stock, or the stock's symbol.

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