Does BinanceUS Have Costly Fees when Withdrawing Coins?

Problem scenario
You want to know if Binance has high fees with withdrawing cryptocurrency. It seems that withdrawing USDT (Tether) is going to cost a significant amount. But you want it in your wallet. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Trade the USDT for XRP or some other coin.

As of March 2024, it seems that you can buy XRP with USDT on Binance and the withdrawal fee for putting XRP into a wallet would be much lower (than a comparable amount of USDT).

Miscellaneous information
You may want to use a wallet and Changelly because some coins have higher withdrawal fees than others.

You may want to read this Reddit posting for more information. We do not condone non-inclusive language. The above Reddit posting is recent and may or may not have applicability to your situation.

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To trade different cryptocurrencies, you may want to use Changelly. To keep your coins from an exchange, you may want to buy a wallet.

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