Happy Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day.  It was the final day of what was then called The Grand Convention or The Federal Convention.  We now know that almost three month convention in Philadelphia as the Constitutional Convention.  The meeting place was then called the State House.  This building still stands, and is now called Independence Hall.  We recommend people make a trip to Independence Hall and the nearby The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to learn more about how the Constitution was drafted, debated, and adopted.  It is wise to have a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

During the convention the small states and larger states had different opinions about how representation in a legislature would work.  When the delegates of the states finally agreed on having a two-chamber legislature with one body (the House) having proportional representation and another (the Senate) having fixed representation, there was far greater harmony in the convention.  Small states wanted a say in this new government, but larger (more populous) states did not want to lose control of their tax dollars.  This blended system is known as The Connecticut Compromise and was the idea of Oliver Ellsworth and Roger Sherman

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