Happy Halloween!!

Did you know these two interesting facts about Halloween?

If you are looking for a type of cinnamon that you do not eat and yearn for that creepy green glow color, try Linux Mint (not the type you eat) on a bootable USB stick.  Linux Mint has a "Spooky" login theme that is very festive for today.  On the topic of Linux and Halloween, you may want to read this article that CNet published ten years ago about Microsoft's relationship to open source software. 

Halloween is celebrated around the world; if you want to read about the different locations, you can consult with Wikipedia here.  To prepare your manse for a special effects extravaganza, there is now software that is ideal for Halloween lights in your yard.  If your budget cannot afford you this luxury and you want just that one Misfits song "Halloween," you can buy it alone for a low price.  If you need a pair of those festive Misfits gloves, you can buy them here.  Halloween skeleton costumes remind some people of The Karate Kid movie especially this scene.  The movie involves an underdog who learns self-defense techniques without realizing it.  By waxing cars for an immigrant mentor the underdog, Italian American youngster develops a muscle memory and physical reflex to block attacks from his opponents.  On the topic of southern European underdogs, the Battle of Thermopylae was won by the Greeks.  By winning this battle the Greeks, who do not celebrate Halloween, have given struggling people hope to those who read about this famous battle.  The victory shows the benefits of both patriotism (knowing your country and its land and being prepared to sacrifice) and preparation can combine to prevail against incredible odds.

The writer of The Karate Kid movie (Robert Kamen) went to the University of Pennsylvania and received a PhD in American Studies.  Kamen's focus on America undoubtedly played a role in his ability to create touching stories for films that have a broad appeal to movie watchers in the U.S. Relevant to Philadelphia (where the University of Pennsylvania is), we had this post for Constitution Day.  Philadelphia, despite being home to many technology companies (some of them growing rapidly),  has many historic buildings with gothic architectures which would be great to see in the fall (with trees' leaves changing colors).  Trick-or-treaters would love the costumed Patriotic interpreters as well.  Benjamin Franklin founded the University of Pennsylvania -- despite having only two years of schooling himself.  The first American to propose daylight saving time was Ben Franklin himself, and for many years clocks were set back in October (lasting until 2006).  This made it seem like sunset came earlier on October 31st which was great for trick-or-treating enthusiasts who could not stay up late due to their parents' caring restrictions. 

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