Happy National Freedom Day!

The Union victory of the Civil War forced the southern states back into the Union under its jurisdiction.  On February 1, 1865 President Lincoln signed a resolution permanently outlawing slavery in the U.S. (www.timeanddate.com).  

This resolution became the 13th amendment which was ratified later that year after Lincoln's death (www.timeanddate.com).  

A former slave named Richard Wright became a successful businessman in Philadelphia in the 1900s (http://www.americaslibrary.gov/es/pa/es_pa_free_1.html).  He advocated a day to celebrate freedom (http://www.americaslibrary.gov/es/pa/es_pa_free_1.html).  He is considered to have founded the day (Library of Congress Website).  In 1948 President Truman proclaimed Feburary 1 to be National Freedom Day (www.timeanddate.com).

You may want to read these books about freedom and slavery in the U.S.:

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