How Can You Learn about Kubernetes in One Hour?

Problem scenario
You need to learn more about Kubernetes but do not know where to start.  You have roughly one hour to try to know much more about Kubernetes.  What should you do?

For an introduction to Kubernetes, see these two articles from and TechTarget.

This DigitalOcean article is a little out of date (as of 9/18/17), but it still has some information to glean from.

If you want to know why some people think Kubernetes is the hottest technology out there right now (as of September 2017), see this webpage.

For an overview of different concepts and keywords in Kubernetes, see either this link or this other one.

(A now broken link was available to learn about the Kubernetes API in a technical way to actually use it:
We know this link no longer works.)

Below are links to news about Kubernetes.  If you want to buy a book on Kubernetes, see this posting.

Kubernetes – Production-Grade Container Orchestration

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