How Do You Boot To CD/DVD-ROM (or USB stick) on an HP Laptop one time?

Question:  How Do You Boot To CD/DVD-ROM on an HP Laptop one time (e.g., to reformat it)?


  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. Turn on the laptop, and when it is booting up, press Escape.
  3. Then choose option "F11" for System Recovery.
  4. You'll see a screen for "Choose an option."
  5. Select "Use a Device."
  6. Then select "Internal CD/DVD-ROM Drive (UEFI)" (or the USB stick option).
  7. When booting up you'll get a window that says "The selected boot device failed. Press <Enter> to Continue".  Press enter.
  8. In the "Boot Manager" window, scroll to "Internal CD/DVD-ROM Drive" (or the USB stick option) and press enter

n.b.  You cannot merely move the .ISO file to a CD/DVD or USB stick.  It must be burned a special way (e.g., using Rufus).  There is a portable version of the software program called Rufus that does not require installation.  Some laptops only have CD ROMs and cannot read DVDs.  Having incorrect boot media (e.g., a DVD in a CD ROM or an .ISO merely placed on a USB stick), will result in the boot order skipping the device after powering on the laptop.

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