How Do You Build a Flask Application to Return the Price of a Cryptocurrency?

Problem scenario
You want to write a Flask program to display the high and low prices of a given cryptocurrency for a given day. You want the output to include the volume too. How do you do this?


This assumes that you have installed Flask and pandas.

Run this program. You may want to name it
Then go to the IP address in a web browser or use curl. The way to compose the URL, see the usage instructions.

Usage instructions:
Once running, the format of the URL to curl will look like one of these:

Change the dates to the date you want to see information for.
Change the currency symbol to the symbol you want to examine.

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It was adapted from these postings:


from flask import Flask, Response
import pandas as pd
import requests
from datetime import datetime

class Retriever:
    def get_filename(from_symbol, to_symbol,
                     exchange, datetime_interval, download_date):
        return '%s_%s_%s_%s_%s.csv' % (from_symbol, to_symbol,
                                       exchange, datetime_interval, download_date)

    def download_data(from_symbol, to_symbol, exchange, datetime_interval):
        base_url = ''
        url = '%s%s' % (base_url, datetime_interval)
        params = {'fsym': from_symbol, 'tsym': to_symbol,
                  'limit': 2000, 'aggregate': 1,
                  'e': exchange}
        request = requests.get(url, params=params)
        data = request.json()
        return data

    def convert_to_dataframe(data):
        df = pd.json_normalize(data, ['Data'])
        df['datetime'] = pd.to_datetime(df.time, unit='s')
        df = df[['datetime', 'low', 'high', 'open',
                 'close', 'volumefrom', 'volumeto']]
        return df

    def filter_empty_datapoints(df):
        indices = df[df.sum(axis=1) == 0].index
        df = df.drop(indices)
        return df

    def file_creator(from_symbol, to_symbol, exchange, datetime_interval):
        data = Retriever.download_data(from_symbol, to_symbol,
                                       exchange, datetime_interval)
        df = Retriever.convert_to_dataframe(data)
        df = Retriever.filter_empty_datapoints(df)
        latest_date =
        filename = Retriever.get_filename(from_symbol, to_symbol, exchange,
                                          datetime_interval, latest_date)
        df.to_csv(filename, index=False)

    def read_dataset(filename):
        df = pd.read_csv(filename)
        df.datetime = pd.to_datetime(df.datetime)  # change to datetime
        df = df.set_index('datetime')
        df = df.sort_index()  # sort by datetime
        return df

    def processor(from_symbol, date_to_see):
        to_symbol = 'USD'
        exchange = 'Coinbase'  # "Bitstamp" is a valid option among others.
        datetime_interval = 'day'
        error_message = "INVALID FORMAT. The date must be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. Use leading 0 for single digit months or days."
        if date_to_see[0:4].isnumeric():
            return "Letters found. " + error_message
        if date_to_see[5:7].isnumeric():
            return "Letters found. " + error_message
        if date_to_see[8:].isnumeric():
            return "Letters found. " + error_message
        if len(date_to_see) != 10:
            return error_message
        if date_to_see[4] != "-":
            return error_message
        if date_to_see[7] != "-":
            return error_message
        if int(date_to_see[0]) > 2:
            return "Year was too far in the future. "
        if int(date_to_see[0]) < 2:
            return "Year was too far in the past. "
        Retriever.file_creator(from_symbol, to_symbol, exchange,
        latest_date =
        btc_date = open((Retriever.get_filename(from_symbol, to_symbol,
            exchange, datetime_interval, latest_date)), 'r')
        get_top =[0:-1]
        for line in get_top.split():
            if line.split(",")[0] == date_to_see:
                return line

app = Flask(__name__)

def default():
    return Response("remember the path is /crypto/BTC/2020-01-01 "), 200

@app.route("/crypto/<string:symbol>/<string:day_var>", strict_slashes=False)
def crypto(symbol, day_var):
    res = Retriever.processor(symbol, day_var)
    portion = ", the format is as follows: date,low,high,open,close,volume_from,volume_to"
    compose = "For " + symbol + portion + "\n" + res
    return Response(compose), 200

if __name__ == "__main__":  # Uncomment out this line, comment out line below to run on'', debug=True)

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