How Do You Change the MAC Address of Your Wireless Network Adapter on a Windows 7 Machine?

Problem scenario
You want to change the MAC address of your wireless network adapter (e.g., you want a WiFi network to see your laptop as a different or new machine).  How do you do this?

1.  Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet

2.  Go to "Network and Sharing Center"

3.  Click on "Change adapter settings"

4.  Right-click on "Wireless Network Connection" and go to "Properties"

5.  Below and to the right of the "Networking" tab click the "Configure" button

6.   Click the "Advanced" tab

7.  Under "Property" click on "Locally Administered MAC Address"

8.  Check the radio button under "Value" if it is not checked. 

9.  Enter a new hexadecimal value (i.e., using numbers and letters from A through F).  

10.  Click "Ok."

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