How Do You Choose the Right Spell When Using Conjure-Up and The “Enter” Key Does Not Work?

Problem scenario
The conjure-up menu is not working.  You run a command like "conjure-up kubernetes" and get to a prompt/screen with an orange banner at the top.  The "Tab" key works.  But "Enter" only works on the "Quit" button.  There is no error message.  How do you proceed with this conjure-up menu prompt  (e.g., to deploy Kubernetes) when the only option that works is "Quit"?

Expand your Putty session so the GUI is bigger on your screen (wider and longer).  If you cannot see all the options in the conjure-up menu, the menu will throw no errors, but it will not work correctly either.  The "Enter" key will have no effect unless you highlight "Quit."  Once expanded, the "Enter" key will work and allow you to proceed.

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