How Do You Configure an Ezviz Mini 0 Camera for the First Time?

Problem Scenario
You want to configure an Ezviz Mini 0 camera for the first time.  How do you set it up?

Warning:  The lowest cost plan for ezviz cloud storage is $59.99.  However you do not have to purchase the cloud storage to use the camera.

1.  Connect the camera to a power outlet.  
2.  Hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
3.  Go to your Android or iOS device.  
4.  Connect your Android or iOS device to a WiFi network.
5.  Install the Ezviz app.
6.  Open your Ezviz app.
7.  Follow the prompts to set up a new camera.  When prompted for the device password, use the "Verification code" found on the bottom of the camera itself.
8.  If you are having trouble, see this link for more information.

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