How Do You Connect to an Amazon RDS Instance?

Problem scenario
You created an Amazon RDS instance that uses PostgreSQL.  How do you connect to it without using the AWS CLI or AWS API from a Windows workstation?



  • Install HeidiSQL on your Windows machine.  (Toad or other SQL front-end applications can work too.)
  • You need a username and password for the PostgreSQL instance.  These are entered when you create the RDS instance. 
  • To create an RDS instance with the PostgreSQL database engine, see this posting.

1.  In the AWS console for Amazon RDS, click on the instance you want to connect to.
2.  Click on Security Group.  
3.  Search for "Endpoint."  You should see something like this:

4.  Copy that FQDN into the "Hostname / IP " field in the Session manager window of HeidiSQL.  (Open HeidiSQL)
5.  In Session manager for HeidiSQL note the following settings:

  • For the Network Type drop down box, choose "PostgreSQL (experimental)".
  • For the port use 5432.
  • Enter the username and password.

Click "Open."

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