How Do You Copy Files into a Docker Container from the Server’s Command Line?

Docker is itself a dependency resolution tool.  It is a container that allows a DevOps engineer to prepare one-time an OS environment with nuanced dependencies and configurations for other packages to be installed.

Leveraging the efficiency of a configuration management tool (such as Ansible, CFEngine, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack) can empower DevOps engineering.  It can also necessitate using duplicative deployments in different environments (development, quality assurance, staging, and production).  Having a backup plan for disaster recovery is also important.  The Docker container may not have everything that the host OS has.  So some dependencies for the CM tool may need to be installed for the CM tool to work.  You may need to insert in /usr/bin/ two important files: ssh and sftp.  Ansible requires both of these binaries.  The host OS may be an acceptable source for such files.

To copy these files into Docker, do the following:

1)  Use this command to find the container ID: docker ps
2)  If the container is not running use two commands:

docker ps -a
#then use
docker start <containerID>

3) docker cp /usr/bin/ssh <containerID>:/usr/bin/ssh
4) docker cp /usr/bin/sftp <containerID>:/usr/bin/sftp
5) Enter the Docker container with this:
docker exec -it <containerID> bash
6) Issue these commands (while inside the Docker container):
chmod 755 /usr/bin/ssh
chmod 755 /usr/bin/sftp

Now these files will exist and be executable. 

Many CM-related tools require Ruby.  To install Ruby from source, you need to have make installed in the container.  Rather than try to install it, assuming the Docker host is the same Linux distribution as the kernel, use this command:  docker cp /usr/bin/make <containerID>:/usr/bin/make

(If you need directions for installing Docker on any type of Linux in any public cloud, view this posting; it should probably be enough to help you.)

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