How Do You Create a Chef Automate Server in Azure?

Problem scenario
You want to have a Chef Automate server in Azure.  How do you create one?

1.  In the Azure portal click the "New" button on the left.
2.  Search for "Chef Automate" with no quotes.
3.  Click "Create".
4.  Fill out the required configuration settings.  Make a mental note of the Chef Automate FQDN DNS Label that you provide (e.g.,  For the selection of a Chef Automate license file, you can use none and be provisioned with a 30 day trial license.
5.  If you can agree to the Terms of Use and various conditions, click "Purchase."
6.  While the process is completing, install on your Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation the Chef Development Kit.  To learn how, use this link, but you do not need to do the section on "Setting up the Chef repo."
7.  When the "Chef Automate" server has been provisioned, compose a URL like this (but do not use the quotes) but replace "" with the FQDN you chose in the process above:

"https://" + "" + "/biscotti/setup"

8.  Go to the URL (the one you composed in the previous step) via a web browser.  You may want to confirm the security exception to proceed.
9.  In the web UI, enter the info as it is required.  If you can agree to the EULA and Master Agreement, click "Setup Chef Automate & Download Starter Kit."
10.  Save the .zip file when prompted.
11.  Click the web UI button for "Login to Chef Automate".  Your are now done.

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