How Do You Create a Group for AWS Users That Can Manage a Kubernetes Cluster Running in AWS?

Problem scenario
You use EKS to create a Kubernetes cluster.  How do you create a group for AWS user accounts to enable them to manage Kubernetes clusters in AWS?

1.  Log into the AWS web console.
2.  Go here:
3.  Go to Groups on the left.
4.  Click the "Create New Group" button.
5.  Enter a name (e.g., coolgroup).
6.  Click "Next Step".
7.  In the "Attach Policy" section, check the boxes for these five policies:
AmazonEKSClusterPolicy, ElasticLoadBalancingFullAccess, AmazonECS_FullAccess, AmazonEKSServicePolicy, AmazonECSTaskExecutionRolePolicy 
8.  Click "Next Step".
9.  Click "Create Group".

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