How Do You Create an Amazon RDS Database Instance?

Problem scenario
You want to test out an Amazon RDS database instance.  (You want to use a database PaaS offering and VPC as opposed to EC-2.)  What do you do?

1.  Log into the AWS console.  
2.  Click "Launch a DB instance"
3.  Choose the database engine you want (e.g., PostgreSQL). Click "Next".
4.  Click the option for "Dev/Test" and click "Next".
5.  Type in a DB instance identifier, a master username and master password as prompted.  Then click "Next".
6.  For the next window ensure that "Public accessibility" is set to "Yes" if you want to access it directly from your workstation.  (For security reasons, this may not be advisable if you have sensitive data.  These directions were written for the purpose of helping people test out RDS.)  Then click "Launch DB instance".

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