How Do You Create an IAM User Account in AWS to Run AWS CLI Commands and Log into the AWS Web UI?

Problem scenario
How do you create an AWS user that can run AWS CLI commands and log into the AWS web console?

1.  Log into the AWS web console.
2.  Go here:
3.  Go to Users on the left.
4.  Click the "Add User" button.
5.  Enter a name (e.g., jdoe).  
6.  Check the boxes for both "Programmatic access" and "AWS Management Console access".
7.  For the "Console Password", choose the option for the "Custom Password".
8.  If you are giving these credentials to someone else, keep the option checked for "Require password reset".  (Otherwise you may want to uncheck it.)
9.  Click "Next: Permissions" in the lower right-hand corner.
10.  Check the option for the group that you want.  (If you want directions for how to create a group, see How Do You Create a Group for AWS Users That Can Manage a Kubernetes Cluster Running in AWS? as an example.)  Then click "Next: Add Tags" in the lower right-hand corner.
11.  It is optional to add tags.  Click "Next: Review" in the lower right-hand corner.
12.  Click "Create User".
13.  Find the AWS Management Console URL.  This is important for the user to log in going forward.
14.  You may want to copy and/or save the secret access key at this time.

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