How Do You Deal with Forearm, Hand and Wrist Pain from Keyboard Usage?

Problem scenario
You want to prevent hand, wrist or forearm pain from regular computer usage. What should you do to learn more about this and keep your hands/wrists/forearms from hurting?

Possible Solutions
Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Repetitive motions can cause long-term health problems, and this website is purely for general information. Do not hesitate to consult with a real medical professional for your concerns or pain.

You may need to use the keyboard less. Carpal tunnel syndrome (which is often described as numbness rather than pure pain) and tendonitis are real concerns. There can be long term consequences of excessive computer usage.

Be sure to get plenty of exercise regularly. There are exercise videos and workout equipment available online.

A tablet computer can help with that. Voice recognition is another tool.

You may need to develop greater hand, wrist and forearm strength; to do this, you may want to see these very portable exercise devices. Some people would feel less pain with stronger hands, wrists and forearms.

You may need to use an ice pack.

You may need to purchase a more ergonomic mouse or a more ergonomic keyboard. Alternatively you may want to buy supportive equipment for your wrists.

You may need to call a licensed physician. A doctor can prescribe real treatment or refer you to physical therapy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Yes, being a IT person, I often feel severe pain in my forehand and wrist due to spend long hours keying in the system. Hence, regular Physiotherapy is a MUST in my daily routine.

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