How Do You Deploy a Stack (a Collection of Infrastructure Resources) with AWS CloudFormation Using the Console?

Problem scenario
You want to use CloudFormation in AWS.  You want to create a server or multiple servers with CloudFormation. How do you use CloudFormation with no CLI to create a stack (a collection of infrastructure or application resources) in AWS?

Here is a simple example to answer the question.

1.  Go to
2.  Click "Create new stack" button
3.  Click the drop down menu option below "Select a sample template" and under "Single instance samples" choose  "LAMP Stack".  Then click "Next" in the lower right hand corner
4.  Fill out the details and parameters however you like.  Then click "Next" in the lower right hand corner.
5. You may or may not want to configure options.  When you are done, or if you have no options to configure, click "Next" in the lower right hand corner.
6.  Review the settings and click "Create" in the lower right hand corner.

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