How Do You Deploy Artifactory in a Docker Container?

Problem scenario
You want to install and configure Artifactory in a Docker container on Linux.  How do you do this?

i.  You must have Docker installed.  If you need assistance, click on the link for your distribution of Linux:

ii.  You must have Docker compose installed.  If you need assistance, see this posting.


1.  Create a script in /tmp/ called with the content found in this file.

2.  Run the script like this: sudo bash /tmp/

3.  Open a web browser and go to the external IP address of the server (e.g., Docker host).  (To find this IP address from the back-end, run "curl").  

4.  When looking at the web browser, close the initial pop up window after it loads.  To login, use the default username and password of "admin" and "password".

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