How Do You Deploy JetBrains TeamCity to an AWS Windows Server 2016?

Problem scenario
You want to deploy TeamCity to an AWS instance running Windows Server 2016.  How do you do this?

This is a simple deployment of TeamCity server for testing or evaluation purposes. The flavor of server will depend on the way you use TeamCity server.  For a basic deployment, one processor and 1 GB of RAM is sufficient.  This is far from enough CPU and memory for any "real" usage of TeamCity.

1. Install Java from this link.  With Windows Server 2016 in AWS, downloading and running the file while  accepting the defaults should work.

2.  Install the JDK by following these two sub-steps.

a)  In Internet Explorer 11 in an AWS instance of Windows Server 2016 go to Internet Options -> Security.  Click on the "Internet" zone.  Click "Custom level." In Security Settings, the window that pops up, scroll one-third of the way down to Downloads.  "File download" should be set to "Enable."  Click "OK" twice to close the windows.  Then download it.

b) Download it here.  You'll want the x64 bit version for Windows to download.  You can accept the defaults during the installation itself.

3. Download TeamCity from this link.
4.  a) Run the .exe to start the installation.  
    b) click "Next" to start the Setup Wizard
    c) Read the License Agreement.  If you can agree click "I agree" to the License Agreement
    d) Choose the default location
    e) Choose the default components to install, click next.  You may have to wait a few minutes. 
    f) Choose the port you want TeamCity to run on.  Then click next.
    g) Click "Save."
    h) Choose whichever option you want for "Specify a user account to run TeamCity Server service." 
    i) Choose whichever option you want for "Specify a user account to run TeamCity Agent service."
    j) Keep the options checked for "Start Build Agent service" and "Start TeamCity Server service."
    k) When you see the "Data Directory location on the TeamCity server machine:" change if you desire.  You probably will  just want to click "Proceed."
    l) Leave the option for "Select the database type" alone.  Click "Proceed." This make take five minutes or so.
    m) Read the license agreement.  If you can accept, check "Accept license agreement" and click "Continue."
    n) Enter a username and password for the Administrator.  Don't forget the credentials or store them somewhere safe.  Then click "Create Account."
    o) Click "Ok" if you get "TypeError: Unable to get property 'ms_id4' of undefined or null reference." Then you are done.  If you do not receive this message, you are also done with deploying TeamCity.

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